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V. Rider, NS

My father came to Rose-Marie Care Home in the spring of 2014. He was very confused, depressed and in chronic pain due to a deteriorating disc and osteoarthritis in his lower spine. Heavy duty pain killers reduced the severe pain but left Dad very confused and agitated. Dee and her staff advocated reducing and as it turns out eliminating the pain killers.  In consultation with Dad’s new doctor in Hantsport, we now have weekly massage, special exercises and 4 daily doses of Voltaren applied to his back by the Rose-Marie caregivers. The new regimen has significantly reduced his pain and improved his quality of life. Dad is now lucid, able to walk, participate in conversation and enjoy excursions with his family. Simply put, he is a much happier guy. Thank you Rose-Marie Care Home.


J. C. Newport, NS

If residents are able to rise, they are out bed every day. Although ability varies among residents, efforts are made by staff to engage residents in a wide variety of activities such as card games, reading, arts and crafts and even a few mundane activities.  My aunt’s more favorite activities involve drying dishes and folding towels because she wants to help out. There is also a program where musical entertainers are brought in, especially on Sundays.

B. P. Wolfville, NS

Thank you so very much for our dear Grampa. He was so comfortable in his golden years on account of your great work.


Vinnie & Wayne

“To all of you”​

Just a thank you for all the care and kindness you give to Hazel, we really appreciate all that you do for her.


Dee, I want you to know what a blessing you are to our community! I see how you help so many people, just by being a friend! I’m always cheered by seeing your face!


Your neighbor, Becky!

Thank you cards & testimonials

Susan, Beth + Emily Kingsbury

Dear Dee, Jackie, and staff of Rose-Marie Care Home,

Many thanks for the exceptional care you all gave our Mother and Grandmother during the nine months Rose-Marie was her home. You provided us with much peace of mind just knowing that she was receiving such TLC, especially during this awful pandemic when we weren’t able to be with her as often.

Your kindness towards mom and our family will never be forgotten!

The family of Jay Macdonald

Dear Rose-Marie Care Home,
This little note is warmly sent, to tell you how much your kindness meant. Thank You

Sincerely, The family of Jay Macdonald

RoseMarie Care Home
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