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Summer / Fall Newsletter

Welcome to Rose-Marie Care Home's new website. Here's where you can read all the new information and news. A great way for family and friends to stay in the loop. Review how the company's performing and the steps Rose-Marie Care Home is taking to develop the business and support the wider Nova Scotia community. Read about upcoming events and activities on offer.

New Team Members

Alexianna Smith. Truly happy to welcome this amazing young lady. Alexianna (Lexi) is experienced within the industry and has good amount of experience dealing with residents which present extreme behavioral issues, so shes and ideal employee as our residents present a more calm environment. Alexianna has proven herself to be dedicated to each task, she brings a quality which we value at RMCH. Welcome aboard Lexi!

Vonna S. Another young lady which has joined our team. Vonna has been hired on a casual basis helping RMCH in the stages of improvement. She has shown an ability to take initiative with her work, she is an asset with a potential to join our core team in the future.

We have an RN on staff and we wish to complement the RN's work with an supporting LPN.

If you know of a student which has recently gain the LPN qualification, please be sure to let them know about RMCH.

Thanksgiving Together

It's that time of the year where we gather as family and enjoy the Harvest festival. Be

sure to come and visit your family and friends. Each year we host a traditional Turkey Supper with all the trimmings. Come down and join us this Thanksgiving.

Nutrition For Our Residents

Nutrition, it's under rated, overlooked and in some cases completely ignored and some times we forget that diet and lifestyle conditions are a factor in the fight against Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. We know foods have an adverse effect on the brain, blood and behavior, so we encourage family members to be mindful of treats for their friends or loved one which reside in our care.

Rose-Marie Care Home, prepares some well know Canadian recipes coupled with additional ingredients, such as herbs and spices. We get a whole bunch of goodness into a bowl of soup, stew or broth, we further encourage a good helping of mixed fruits and berries, coupled with natural yogurt and ice cream, for a little extra fun, we pop everything into a blender and serve smoothies for breakfast and snacks ... Just another way to get goodness to good people.

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