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Our care teams provide round-the-clock care services, meaning there is always a member of our care team on duty, and your loved one has access to all the care services they may require 24 hours a day. Explore some of the many care services we provide in our home.

Fresh Prepared Meals & Dietary Services

Providing nutritious, great-tasting food for our residents is a fundamental part of our services here at Rose-Marie. We are very strong advocates for the power of home-cooked meals and a well-balanced diet. All of our food is proudly prepared fresh daily by our care team, with alternative diet options tailored specifically to the needs of our residents

Medication Administration & Reminders

Here at Rose-Marie, we proudly offer both Medication Administration and Medication Reminder services. We recognize that some residents may require direct or supervised administration of medications, while other residents may simply require a gentle, but insistent reminder to take their medications.

Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living or "ADL's" include tasks we perform every day, with the goal of taking care of ourselves and cleaning ourselves. Rose-Marie Care Home offers trained and certified professionals who provide 24-hour assistance to our residents with all aspects of ADL's. You can find a list of these activities below.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL's) are more complex activities, often requiring higher thinking skills, including organizational skills and communication skills. The Rose-Marie Care Team proudly offers assistance to any residents regarding these matters, including managing transportation, communications, appointments, and shopping.

Personal Hygiene Assistance

As part of the daily care program here at Rose-Marie, residents receive assistance with grooming and hygiene routines, including bathing, teeth brushing and cleaning, dressing, and other activities. Loved ones at home can feel at ease knowing our facility is expertly equipped to provide the highest quality and comfortable personal care possible under any circumstances, and for any special care requirements.

Incontinence Care

The Rose-Marie care team is committed to providing a unique and comfortable atmosphere that allows our residents to feel at ease during Incontinence Care. With over a decade of experience specializing in personal care for the elderly, and a willingness to constantly modernize and refine our approaches to care, our team strives to eliminate as much difficulty for our clients as possible while minimizing any undignifying situations that may arise.

Our management and caregivers all approach senior care with the collective goal of empowering a lifestyle that provides maximum comfort for those in care, and their families with peace of mind.  

Palliative Care

At Rose-Marie, when you or your loved ones are faced with difficult times, our team is proud to devote our time and efforts to helping provide professional support and guidance. We offer skilled communication and coordination of care plans among all care providers and across all settings, to ensure that care is matched to the goals and priorities of the patient and the family. We believe that medical care is not always enough on its own; end-of-life care should also aim to provide positive solutions for the psychological, spiritual, and emotional needs of our residents and their families.

Housekeeping & Laundry

Residents of Rose-Marie Care Home receive daily assistance with housekeeping responsibilities that often become increasingly difficult as we age. Our team ensures our Suites are always in tip-top shape, so your loved one spend less time on chores like laundry or cleaning, and more time on the hobbies and interests they love.

Nail, Foot & Hair Care
...at additional cost

On top of the obvious care and therapeutic benefits of having your hair, feet and nails cared for by professionals, these ‘luxury’ care services provide crucial health benefits to our residents as well. Seniors, diabetics, and others who live with chronic health issues live with significantly increased risk of hand, foot and nail care problems. Providing top quality professional care and cleaning services can strongly help offset those risks. Therefore, at Rose-Marie Care Home we proudly organizes hair, nail, and foot care appointments for our residents with our most trusted local professionals.

We want your loved ones to feel comfortable and happy from head to toe!

Recreational Events & Activities

At Rose-Marie Care Home, we like to provide our residents with a wide variety of recreational programs and activities, designed to meet the varying interests and abilities of each individual resident. We encourage our residents to lead active and engaged lives while enjoying positive social atmospheres, as it helps promote good physical, emotional and cognitive health.


Popular programs include musical entertainment, arts and crafts, nature watching in our garden, card playing, BBQ’s, and endless celebrations! There is always a array of programs and activities for residents to choose from.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care in a comfortable, small-home environment. 
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