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Our trained caregivers are committed and compassionate in everything they do. We focus on the whole person, not simply the illness or disability. Respect, dignity and loving care are our hallmarks. The ratio of caregivers to clients provides more time for one on one care, conversation and yes, sharing stories and laughter, the best medicine of all.

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Rose-Marie Care Home. Specializing In Dementia Care. Hantsport, NS.

902 684 0358. Specialized Dementia Care 24/7. Senior Day Care. Mon-Fri. 8am-6pm Hollistic Nutritional Approach. Arts & Crafts. Music & Activities. 

Dementia care homes nova scotia, Specialized dementia care nova scotia

Nursing Homes
Nursing Homes in NS
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Elderly People Homes
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Elderly People Homes in Hantsport
Hospices in NS
Hospices in Hantsport
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Personal Services – (ADL)

We provide many personal services for our residents including medication supervision, scheduling of medical appointments, daily record keeping and assist with ADL (Active Daily Living) such as dressing, grooming and eating. Our local doctors are part of our team of care providers, visiting our care homes regularly house to provide special care and flu shots.

RMCH Adult Day Program

RMCH day program provides structured and supervised activities for older adults.  This service offers an opportunity for seniors to interact with their peers while remaining independent in the community. RMCH Adult Day Program is an Essential Source of Support for Family Caregivers

  • Provides respite to family caregivers.

  • Maintain a healthy work/life balance.

  • A chance for the caregiver to rest and relax to help preserve their own well-being.

Respite Beds/ Short Term Beds

Short Term Beds are available with assurance of safe and consistent, care to help ensure residents receive temporary safe and consistent resident centered care.  Residents feel at home, are treated with respect, and have the supports and services they need for their health and well-being regardless if their length of stay.

Palliative Care

With comfort and dignity, assisting with loving care and companionship supporting the family, through the final transitions.  Palliative addresses and provides practical support with social, psychological, cultural, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

Other Services

Our staff are able to assist residents in various situations such as, but not limited to, doctor’s appointments and hospital visits or 'Sitter Service' in the event that a family member is unable to be at their loved one’s side.

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