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With nearly 25 years experience in all facets of personal care services, the Rose-Marie Care Team is ready to serve you and your loved ones in any way necessary.

Our Story

Founded in 1997, Rose-Marie Care Home has been a foundation of Personal Care and Long-Term Care solutions in the Hants County and Annapolis Valley Regions for nearly 25 years. We are a family-owned and operated facility, who has proudly grown and expanded over the years, transforming our beautiful Victorian Home into a modern, repurposed care home, fit for any care or equipment requirements. It is our highest goal as a facility to service our clients with a private home environment that provides the social and activity benefits of a larger facility.

In 2020, we opened our second facility Adassa's Respite, with much anticipation! Our Care Team identified a very serious need in our local senior and other care communities, so we we very proud to introduce our Adult Day Program and Respite Programs. These amazing programs have allowed us the opportunity to expand our care providing services, opening up availability for temporary or mid-term stays at our facilities, and minimizing any waitlists. We are now able to confidently provide quality care and companionship to any client, under any conditions they or their loved ones desire, and at a very timely manner.

Rose-Marie Care Home, its staff, and all its affiliates make lifelong commitments to providing a vibrant, active community for our seniors and other residents requiring care. Our homes boast a fun and engaging atmosphere, where the people who live and work here come together in true partnership. Everyone who walks through our doors, is part of our family.

Our Philosophy

The Rose-Marie Care Team proudly supports the Eden Philosophy across aspects of our care and operations, employed through a Holistic approach to personal care and well-being.

Our combination of philosophies drives us to ensure that the members of the Rose-Marie Care Family live in a home free of loneliness, helplessness and boredom; where developing meaningful relationships, and giving and receiving care are of the upmost importance. We practice and preach that our residents do not live in the staff’s workplace, but rather our staff work in the residents’ home.


So, what is the Eden Philosophy?

The Eden Philosophy is focused on the care of the human spirit, as well as the care of the human body.


For example. the philosophy strongly discourages medical treatments that do not benefit the client, and thus so does our team. This includes the use of physical restraints and chemical restraints, as they are in direct opposition to person-directed care. No member of the Rose-Marie Care Family will ever be restrained by physical force or medications.


What is a Holistic Approach to care?

The Rose-Marie Care Team employs a client-centered approach to care that supports physical, social, cultural, mental. and spiritual well-being. Our teams and care plans operate based around up-to-the-minute individual assessments, with a deep analysis and breakdown of personal preferences, interests and needs, to ensure maximum holistic well-being.

Our Facility

Located in the beautiful small town of Hantsport, in the Hants and Annapolis Counties region, Rose-Marie Care Home hosts the ideal conditions and community for senior living. Situated on a relatively quiet road, our lovely repurposed Victorian home offers unparalleled access to countryside views, and the quiet laidback lifestyle most can only dream of, paired with a pleasant combination of Annapolis Valley and oceanside climates. Our facility offers all this, while also maintaining easy access to all major amenities and major residential areas.


Our facility houses a total of 7 spacious and private Suites, with a capacity for 12 residents. Each of our Suites have access to their own private bathrooms, with a selection of rooms providing either a full bath or half-bath options for those who still wish to wash up in privacy. Residents of Rose-Marie also have access to several common room areas, including two living rooms, a sun room, a dining area, small sitting areas, and a full kitchen on the main floor as well as a kitchenette upstairs for snacks or other use. 


Our outdoor patio extends around the entire back of the house, providing many private outdoor areas where residents and families can enjoy visits or have time for solitude. Beautiful gardens surrounding the home, and a view overlooking wonderful horse pastures provide an amazing backdrop for residents or family looking to enjoy some time working in our community gardens or simply enjoying our sitting areas. When the weather isn't so nice, our sun room and living room with large picture windows provide a warm, dry alternative to enjoying the outside and everything our facility has to offer.

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