Rose-Marie Care Home (RMCH) is a family-owned and operated senior’s care home that provides specialized care for people living with Alzheimer’s and other Dementia.  Founded in 1997 we provide care for seniors who require 24 hour nursing care.


Rose-Marie Care Home is committed to being a vibrant, active community characterized by a caring, fun and engaging atmosphere where the people who live and work come together in true partnership. Rose-Mare Care Home has adopted the Eden Philosophy.


Eden Philosophy:

The family of Rose-Marie Care Home lives in a home free of loneliness, helplessness and boredom; developing meaningful relationships; giving and receiving care and creating variety and spontaneity. We stress that the residents do not live in the staff’s workplace but rather the staff work in the residents’ home.


The Eden Alternative philosophy is focused on the care of the human spirit as well as the care of the human body.


The philosophy also discourages medical treatment that does not benefit the elder. The use of physical restraints and chemical restraints, for example, is in direct opposition to person directed care. No one wishes to be tied up or sedated.


Residents’ and their families are recognized as partners in their own care, relying on care giver relationships to support them in their journey. A team approach to care giving is viewed as being critical to a meaningful response to resident’s needs.


We promote the dignity and self-worth of all our residents and strive to assist each person so that they may enjoy an excellent quality of life.


Rose-Marie Care Home is devoted to creating a person-centered environment that promotes respect, dignity, and loving care, which enables our residents to live well in a place they can call home.



Rose-Marie Care Home will be a diverse habitat where children, plants, and animals are a natural part of everyday life.


Rose-Marie Care Home will support the quality of life and growth of each individual as a whole. We will strive to provide each resident with companionship, opportunities to give and receive care, and a diverse environment rich with spontaneity and variety.


Rose-Marie Care Home will be an organization where staff can make a difference. We support our staff as individuals and encourage them to develop their strengths and passions in meeting our mission. Their work will be meaningful and rewarding.